It’s gotta be hard adjusting to life after starring on a reality TV show. The cameras turn off and — Poof! Gone are the prepared meals and the makeup artists, the posh hotel rooms and the perfect lighting.

For Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, getting use to post-show living has been even harder than normal since girlfriend had to give up her sweet on-air ride for a bent-up Honda Civic. (We’re pretty sure it’s the same one that screeched up the Malibu hill and nearly fell apart when Des pulled up to Bachelor Mansion in the Season 9 premiere.)

Credit: Gaz Shirley/

During filming, an aqua-blue Bentley GTC V-8 was Des’ steed of choice when whisking her menfolk away to parts unknown (or, you know, Southern California). Unfortunately, gal pal had to hand over the keys before riding walking off into the sunset once filming wrapped.

Bummer, man.

But why is Des’ post-TV car such a wreck? Sure, the estimated $224,215 price tag of the Bachelorette Bentley is pretty steep, but we’d think Des could afford something with fewer dents and dings. That or at least be able to hail a ride with one of the many paps tailing her hoping for a glimpse of manflesh.

Source: Daily Mail