Credit: Twitter Photo: Bryden Vukasin and Zak Waddell in Speedos in Behind the Scene Pic Episode 4

It was with a heavy heart that Bryden Vukasin wandered aimlessly through the streets of Munich in search of Desiree Hartsock during the emotional June 24 episode of The Bachelorette. This veteran knew he'd break Des' heart by leaving her high and dry in Germany, but he soldiered on (get it? Because he's a soldier!), busted out some truth-bombs, and then skedaddled back to the good ol' USofA.

Bryden seemed pretty torn up about leaving Desiree's side despite the fact that he deflowered himself, but don't worry. Boyfriend has definitely moved on... straight into the arms of four Miss USA contestants!

Credit: Twitter

Apparently, being a Bachelorette reject has its perks, because Bryden is currently livin' the fab life hanging in Vegas, where he seems to spend his waking hours learning about twerking, and chilling with Miss Maine, Miss Vermont, Miss Pennsylvania, and Miss District of Columbia. Score!

Any of these ladies would make a great match for Bryden, but is it just us or does Miss Maine look like the spitting image of Desiree?

We're thrilled to know that Bry is making the most out of his post-Bachelorette single life — and if Des gets jealous she can always just watch that video of Miss Utah's musings on women in the workplace and feel a million times better about herself.

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