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At this point we can't get through one week of The Bachelorette without someone being like "whoops, guys, I forgot to tell you about my secret girlfriend back home I'm still in love with!"

It's like, first Brian Jarosinski blew our collective mind when his gal pal, Stephanie Larimore, showed up at Bachelor Mansion and snatched his proverbial weave, then we found out that Bryden Vukasin may have had a honey boo boo while he was in Germany, and now it looks like Kasey #Hashtag Stewart has a girl on the side!

"Missed this girl! #abigail #prettywoman #diva," Kasey posted to Instagram on June 30 along with a picture of himself with a mysterious blonde.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Kasey Stewart and Niece Abigail on June 30, 2013

No... no, wait. False alarm. Kasey's simply hanging with some random child, aka his niece Abigail. PHEW, friends. We were this close to throwing a handful of roses at our computer and writing a letter of complaint to Chris Harrison himself. Not that he ever reads our musings.

Anyway, Kasey and his sexy self are still frontrunners in the competition to win Desiree Hartsock's hand in marriage, and the good news? It looks like he's great with kids, which is a relief considering that Des wants nothing more than to bake a fleet of babies in her lady oven.

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Source: Instagram