Credit: ABC video still

Good news, Bachelor Nation. Brandon "Cry Me A River" Andreen is once again high on butterfly love — only this time he's pouring his feels all over a bunch of strangers on the internet. You guessed it, Brandon has discovered the miracle of Snapchat, an app where you send fellow users pictures that disappear after a few seconds — or as soon as your phone tries to save them.

Turns out Brandon is all about snap-chatting random ladies that he meets on Twitter, and recently gave his username to a blonde bombshell after she asked him the age-old question "do u have a snapchat?" How romantic!

Now, before you assume that Brandon is Snapchatting shirtless flashback pics of himself in that nude man-thong, think again. We'd bet serious dollars that this beautiful butterfly boy is merely sending pictures of exotic be-winged insects to his lady loves!

By the way, Brandon isn't the only member of the Bachelor Man Mafia to use Snapchat. Bachelorette winner Jef Holm has been known to trade pics with mysterious internet lurkers, so dude is definitely in great company! Who knows, maybe Brandon will even start sporting a hair coif. Oiled up with his own tears, naturally.

Source: Twitter