Credit: Instagram Photo: Emily Maynard for Towne and Reese

The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. That is, if the moment you've been waiting for involves shoving giant turquoise rings designed by Emily Maynard all over your fingers.

Our favorite Bachelorette bombshell has been teasing her new line of jewelry for months now, and guys? You can finally buy up Emily's goods on her lifestyle website!

"Showcasing my love for intriguing and original jewelry, these pieces are designed with mixed metals, hammered hardware, natural stones, and playful contrasts that bring personality to any occasion," Emily writes on her site. "I hope you love everything as much as I do. XO, Emily."

Credit: Photo: Emily Maynard's Sedley Necklace for Towne and Reese

Love is an understatement. Each and every one of Emily's designs are glorious, and we can't wait to crack open our piggy bank (aka our jar of money shaped like Chris Harrison's head) and buy all these fabulous pieces. And the best part about Em's collection? The prices are so reasonable! Most of her necklaces are under $100 (though our favorite is The Sedley Necklace for $130), the majority of her bracelets are under $50, and all her earrings are $65 or less. Talk about a steal!

Emily teamed up with Christi Pack and Jessica Stanfield of Towne and Reese to design this line, and each piece was named by none other than Em's daughter Ricki Hendrick! "Ricki had a lot of fun naming each piece after one of her friends,” Emily told InStyle back in June. “She went through the whole yearbook!”

Do you love Em's beautiful new line of bling? Head over to her website to snatch up your faves — we have a feeling these bad boys will be flying off the shelves like Emily flies off the rails about Ricki.