Credit: Twitter

Holly and Blake Julian have been married for over a year now — the Bachelor Pad 2 lovebirds wed in a romantic ceremony on June 2, 2012 — and now these two are ready to take the next big step in their life together.

No, the dentist-author duo is not popping out a brood of adorable little babies (with flawless teeth, natch) quite yet. Instead, Blake and Holly are building their own house!

Credit: Holly Julian on Twitter Photo: Holly Julian Designing Her New House on July 12, 2013

On July 12, Holly tweeted, “Spent the last couple hours designing the inside of the house we are building! I'm getting so excited!”

The reality TV couple is living in South Carolina, where Blake owns a dental practice. For now, the only child in the life is their adorable fluffy white puppy, Molar. However, that doesn’t mean that kids are out of the question.

Back in August of last year, Holly wrote on Twitter, “As much as we are excited to have a family, we are going to try to wait at least until next year! We love our life and really enjoy just the two of us... Well three of us if we want to include our sweet little girl, Molar Bear. She is a handful and definitely preparing us for being parents!”

We know she said, “at least next year,” but we can’t help but notice that it is part way through “next year” already. So, if Holly and Blake were ready to start expanding their family, you definitely wouldn’t hear us complain!

Source: Holly Julian on Twitter