Credit: ABC video still Photo: Desiree and Nate Hartsock Talk in the Season 9 Week 8 Promo

Desiree Hartsock has a very interesting relationship with Hometown Dates, so we can only imagine her trepidation as she goes into tonight’s Season 9 episode of The Bachelorette. Why? Because not only does she have a bazillion parents, siblings, friends, and dogs to visit, she also has a special guest.

Tonight (well, two months ago, when it was filmed), she heads to McMinnville, Oregon, to hang with Seattle-resident Chris Siegfried’s family. She travels to Salt Lake City Utah to visit Boise-native Brooks Forester. She flies to Arizona to see if Drew Kenney’s family is as gorgeous as he is, and she goes to Zak Waddell’s stomping grounds to see if everything is truly bigger in Texas.

But that’s not all. Des’s brother Nate Hartsock also makes his Hometown Dates return on the show, but sources tell Wetpaint that it’s not as ugly as you’d imagine. Does he make Des a little uncomfortable? Yes. But it’s not like he travels with her to visit the guys and peer pressure them into getting knuckle tattoos. Although we think maybe a little ink is just what Chris needs to help his street cred. Besides, can you imagine all the rhymes he could fit on a neck tat? Let us count the ways (we would be horrified).

Tune in tonight to ABC for Season 9 Episode 8 at 8/7c.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelorette 2013 Hometown Dates Promo: Nate Hartsock Returns!