Credit: Instagram

Bachelor Pad puppeteer Michael Stagliano has always seemed like the kind of guy who would find a lady friend, get hitched, sing at his own wedding, and then pop out a litter of kids. And according to a recent photo he posted, he’s already part way toward fatherhood!

Credit: Instagram

Michael and his gorgeous fiancée, Emily Tuchscherer got engaged back in February 2013, and have been taking steps toward their future ever since. Though they’re planning a Midwest wedding, Em recently moved out to LA to be with Michael, and His Stagness just announced that they’re expanding their family already!

So, who’s the lucky little lady Stagarino and Ems are adopting? Well, her name is Chloe, and she’s the one they want. “
Our puppy with her brothers and sisters. 5 day countdown #ChloeStagliano” he posted along with a picture of the CUTEST PUPPIES EVER. Because you know what’s cuter than the possibility of breakdancing instructor (yep) Michael adopting a child? Puppies. So many puppies.

Do you think Michael and Emily should start working on making some more human cuddly things soon? Because we have a lot of questions, and most of them involve guessing whether or not the babies would be as inclined as Stago to show off their abs.

Source: Instagram