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Unless he’s calling out recently eliminated Bachelorette contestant  Zak Waddell, it’s a bit rich for Bachelor Sean Lowe to say anything about too much shirtlessness. It’s like Chris Siegfried complaining about someone else’s excessive poetry.

Maybe Sean’s jealous that a muscle man out there is stealing his pectacular thunder. Whatever the case, Sean shared these words of wisdom on July 25: "Being fit loses coolness when your Instagram is nothing but shirtless selfies. And this is coming from the shirtless dude on the bachelor."

Whose Instagram is he referencing? (Seriously, tell us! We have no problem with excessive shirtlessness.) It’s not clear who he’s sniffing at, but the Bachelor Nation responses are the best part. JP Rosenbaum, Ashley Hebert’s beloved Bachelorette 7 hubby, replied to Sean:

JP: “sorry, I'll stop”

Sean: “thank you. We all know you're ripped. Just don't throw it in my face every time I get on Instagram.”

JP: “noted. sorry buddy.”

Then William Holman, JP’s Bachelorette buddy, jumped in with a reality check.

William: “JP you haven't been in a gym since Thailand.”

Ha! JP doesn’t need to flash muscles to prove he’s sexy. But really, let’s hope Ames Brown is the one who hasn’t done much physical work since Thailand, since it was never his forte.

Source: Twitter