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Wow, Chris Harrison wasn’t kidding when he promised a “dumpster fire” at the end of tonight’s cliffhanger. No need to call the fire department, though — Desiree Hartsock shed enough tears to put out a California wildfire when Brooks Forester decided he wasn’t feeling it, at least not enough to drop down on one knee in just one week’s time. And we were sobbing right along with her, because we have a strict policy that no one cries alone in our presence. We just have a lot of feelings.

We can’t say we’re all that shocked — in fact, we’ve seen the writing on the wall since Des told the King of Roses she was already “at the finish line” with the Salt Lake City marketing professional / hair-product enthusiast. It became all the more clear after Brooks’ heart-to-heart with his mom and sister that, while he has strong feelings for Des, he’s not ready to say, “I love you,” let alone, “how about forever?”

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Brooks talked it out with Chris, who asked if time in the Fantasy Suite would help him figure out how he feels about Des. However, Brooks said if he wasn’t feeling it by now, he didn’t see how more time would change anything. It wasn’t a fear of commitment — he’s been ready to walk down that aisle before — but that he wasn’t necessarily ready for it with Des. “It’s heavy, and it’s really consumed my thoughts all week,” he confessed to Chris H.  “No matter what I say or what I do it’s just gonna be... there’s gonna be tears, there’s gonna be heartache, and like, I’m the cause of all of that. It’s the last thing I want to do... to Des.... She doesn’t deserve that.”

Taking the advice from Chris and his family to heart, Brooks was honest with Des and told her he just wasn’t “there,” and that it should feel harder to be away from her than it does.  “I really want to be madly in love with you, so it’s even harder.”  We can’t say we fault the guy. How many people are ready to pop the question after only a handful of dates — especially when the person they’re with is seeing multiple other guys? His confusion is more than understandable.

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But, while we saw this coming, we’re no less heartbroken for Des, who told Brooks she loves him, and that she had been planning on telling him so that very day. Brooks' ambivalence didn't change her feelings — Des just amended her confession to, "It sucks that I love you." Not exactly the conversation heart anyone wants to give or receive. She also confessed that the whole reason she seemed "conflicted" when they were together is because she didn't want to share herself with the other guys — she wanted to give Brooks all the date cards and all the roses.

Honestly, we've never seen a more emotionally upsetting breakup in the history of this show. Poor Des is so devastated we hardly see how she could possibly find herself ready to be engaged to either of her consolation prizes, Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney. Of course, we've already entertained the possibility that Brooks will realize he made a huge mistake and come crawling back. Des wasn't the only one crying at the end, after all. Should he choose that adventure, we sure hope Brooks picks out one really nice rock to make up for walking out on our girl Des.