Credit: Twitter

Some trainwrecks aren't content to crash just once. Cue The Bachelorette Season 9’s Brian Jarosinski and his off-and-on girlfriend Stephanie Larimore.

They hijacked Episode 3 with their on-screen spat, then inexplicably got back together in the real world. But  it seems that the bloom is once again off the rose.

On July 31, Stephanie tweeted to Brian: "I don't have Any pics of us. Deleted them all when you called me a bitch yesterday." Brian's response? "Maybe that was in response to you first calling me a deushe [sic] bag." Stephanie quickly thought better of their Internetastic fight, saying "This is probably a private conversation we should have in person." Ya think?

It sounds like this isn't just a joke or a casual spat. Stephanie also tweeted some heavy hints to being dunzo with Brian. "Some things will never people," she wrote on July 29. She also retweeted this passive aggressive note: "A good boyfriend: - always makes her laugh - cares about her feelings - is faithful - remembers small details about her - never lies.” And this: "'Some people will never realize how much you love them until you stop giving a shit about them' so true!"

Steph also noted that her son had to fill her in on how Twitter actually works. He may need to give Mom a remedial lesson since she clearly doesn’t know how DMs work.

Ironically, in Brian's Bachelorette bio, when asked for his deal-breakers when it comes to relationships, he answered, "Main deal breaker is someone nonsecure & non-trusting with no basis to where I live on egg shells and I'm unable to live my life as well. A woman wanting to be taken care of financially or dependent on you to survive. No sense of humor, fun, excitement, adventure." Look at your life, look at your choices, Bri.

Do you think this is all just a prelude to seeing them on VH1's Couples Therapy?

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