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On The Bachelorette Season 9 Overnight Dates, Brooks Forester decided that since he wasn’t ready to propose to Desiree Hartsock, he had to walk away. But from what Chris Harrison hinted to ABC News, it sounds like he had options, and one of them was to extend the show longer than the normal six weeks.

Well, that really changes things, huh? Chris explained that Brooks didn’t have to be madly in love with Des at that moment, that he didn’t have to be ready to propose. The host with the most says that the little elves in Santa’s love workshop were trying to find other ways to help the couple connect — even on (gasp) a real-world timeline.

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When they sat down to talk it out before Chris sent Brooks off to break Des’s heart, he just wanted to know if Brooks was willing to leave that door open or 100 percent ready to see it closed. “So my deal was to figure out what this guy really was saying because he didn’t articulate it very well to me,” Chris explains of his mindset.

Though it’s a TV show for sure, it’s not like they don’t care about the people involved. “[S]everal times if you heard I’m like, ‘Let’s make this clear. Are you not sure? Are you 100 percent sure? Do you need more time?’ I was just trying to vet the whole thing out before he made any rash decisions, because at the end of the day, I know we have a television show, but we are there to actually help Des.”

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But ultimately, Brooks did say how he felt, though Chris claims that producers were all on board, thinking “if we needed to extend it, if we needed to figure something out, let’s do that.”

As viewers saw, Brooks finally said, “‘I’m not in love with her, and I’m definitely not where she is, so I need to take myself out of this.’” Which really doesn’t suggest a last minute “I’m really in love after all!!!” return, does it? STRESS.

But maybe in the Season 9 Finale, Brooks returns and says something like “I’m not there yet, but what if we date in the real world for a while and if we’re feeling it we can get engaged later”? Bachelors have done versions of that in the past, sometimes offering a promise ring (though we made fun of them hardcore at the time).

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