Credit: Brooks Forester on Twitter Photo: Brooks Forester Wears a Goofy Nose in Twitter Photo

We love Chris Siegfried as much as the next rose-addicted super-fan, but let's be real. His addiction to poetry during The Bachelorette took a turn for the completely deranged. The poor thing could barely get through a sentence without breaking into rhyming couplets. In fact, here's a short poem to express how we feel about Chris' love for verse:


Just no.

Well, guys. It looks like Chris' co-competitor, Brooks "I Hate Love" Forester, has also taken to bursting into spontaneous poetry, and he just poem-vommed all over Twitter. "Time flies like an arrow. Veggies fly like a tomato," Brooks mused.

We know, the horror. But wait, there's more! It looks like Brooks is trying his hand at irony, and he once again took it to Twitter — this time to pen a poem about Chris! "poems are written and poems are read but thanks to @ChrisRSiegfried poems are dead. #MuchLoveChris."

Oh, snap. Brooks just threw a giant heap of shade at Chris the Poet Laureate of Bachelor Nation. We thought you guys were friends!

The ball's in your court, Chris. And speaking of balls, someone hand Brooks a pinkie-guard. We'd hate for him to suffer another phalange injury.

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