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Despite their rocky start on The Bachelorette Season 9’s semi-awkward finale, it seems like everything is coming up roses these days for Desiree Hartsock and fiancé Chris Siegfried. In our imaginations, they spend all day reading poetry to one another. You know, poetry that they wrote on the spot using crushed flower petals, expressing feelings about things they just did.

It would be like, There’s something about the way you drive through / the drive thru / that makes me want to eat a sandwich / with you. You know, romantic but modern, and fitting for their new Seattle-based life. But although we have to think that they don’t always converse in such a measured meter, we do have news on Chris’s poetic future.

The Bachelorette winner has been posting all kinds of snippets from his poems with the hashtag DiamondsandHearts. Why? Is it just because, you know, he used to be a baseball player and his fiancée’s name sort of has the word “heart” in it? Um, actually, a little bit, yeah.

Credit: Instagram

Word is that Chris is publishing his poetry so that we never have to miss a single rhyme time. “Excited to announce I am publishing my poetry!” he Instagrammed on August 13. “With the support of Des and my family, I have decided to make this dream a reality! Stay tuned! @hartsdesire4 #DiamondsandHearts #ComingSoon!”

The cover reveals that it’s “a poetic memoir” and the cover art seems to just be a baseball in the shape of a heart... You thought their story was ending, but it isn’t so, their story can be yours, to take where you go.

Source: Instagram