Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images Photo: Trista and Ryan Sutter, Still in Love

For Ryan and Trista Sutter, it’s probably difficult sometimes to find new and exciting adventures. After ten years and two kids together — especially when they’ve already experienced all the drama of The Bachelorette — they’ve probably done it all. Well, not quite.

Credit: Twitter

Trista and Ryan met on Season 1 of the hit ABC show back in 2003, and apparently ever since he’s been slowly coaxing her toward the bold new world of … sushi. Okay, so it’s not skydiving or an extreme adventure, but for some people, trying new food is a serious obstacle! And Trista has conquered sushi mountain and lived to tell the tale.

Ryan shared this photo, tweeting, “The moment I've waited 10 yrs for... @tristasutter 's first bite of real sushi!” Trista retweeted, joking, “i survived! ;)”

Season 4 Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas Stagliano chimed in with support for Trista’s bold new food odyssey, telling her she was "looking beautiful as always while doing it!!! Xoxo.”

Trista always looks beautiful, but she also looks like she’s giving her sushi the side eye. Notice how she “survived” but didn’t exactly say she’s rushing back for more. While Ryan’s hopeful it won’t be the last time, we gotta say,she probably shouldn’t keep his hopes up. At least she tried it!

Source: Trista on Twitter