Credit: Jillian Harris's Instagram Photo: Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto

Jillian Harris: She’s tiny, she’s hot, she’s… hilarious? Yep, definitely all three, as Jilly proved today when she played a hilarious prank on live-in love Justin Pasutto.

It’s April Fools Day — have you heard? — and our favorite stars are getting in on the spirit in major ways. Take our favorite Canadian loony, who got her boyfriend good with a morning surprise even a cup of coffee wouldn’t prepare him for.

Apparently the reality starlet slipped her man a little surprise this A.M. — and not the good kind. “Some things should never be allowed to be used on April Fools. @jillianharrisdesign #funny #notfunny#happyaprilfools,” Justin posted on Instagram alongside this picture of a pregnancy test.

Credit: Justin Pasutto on Instagram Photo: Jillian Harris April Fools Pregnancy Test

OK, sorry you don’t think it’s hilarious, Justy old pal, but we do. We know, we know: the pregnancy joke offends and hurts some people, terrifies others, and frustrates or bores the dozens who have heard it plenty. But considering the playful relationship Jilly and Justin share, we know that he probably took it with a laugh.

Have you ever fallen for an April Fools Day joke? What’s the best you’ve ever been tricked, and who did the tricking? Share your stories in the comments below! Hate April Fools Day? It’s almost over.

Source: Justin Pasutto on Instagram

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