UPDATE 6/2/14: You know how we know life is unfair? Because just when we were starting to get to know the hot, handsome, cultured Ron Worrell, he left us. The super chill fella had to call it quits on the June 1 Season 10 Episode 3 shortly after not butchering Boyz II Men too badly. Andi was off on a 1-on-1 with JJ O Brien when Ron got a call that one of his close friends had passed away. Without explaining in too much detail what had happened, Ron packed his stuff, said goodbye to the guys, and hopped an Uber home. 

When Andi heard what happened, she was understandably bummed. In fact, she even said in her day-after People blog that if he had stuck around, he definitely would've had another flower to add to his rose collection. DANG IT! Well, is it too early to vote Ron for next Bachelor?

Move over, every single guy who’s ever tried to be the hottest dude to set foot on The Bachelorette, because Ron Worrell has arrived, and he’s bomb dot com. (Wait, can we all just pretend that we didn’t just say that? Thanks.) All of the guys competing for Andi Dorfman’s heart on the ABC show are good looking, but there’s just something about Ron that makes us sure he’s going to win the whole shebang.

Reality Steve did some serious research on the 28-year-old, and came up with a handful of fun facts about Ron. For example, the tree-climbing cutie speaks four languages, which is nothing to shake a branch at. How that happened is an even better story, adding to Ron’s “International Man of Mystery” title — which we’ve just bequeathed him.

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Ron’s dad is from Barbados and his mom is from Israel, and when Ron was growing up, he lived all over the world thanks to his parents’ United Nations jobs. After living in both of his parents’ home countries, as well as Florida, Louisiana, and current home Nashville, Tennessee, we’re guessing a few more stamps on his passport during filming are coming.

The MillersCoors distributor sales manager learned all about slinging products when he got a Bachelors in marketing from Loyola University in New Orleans in 2008. On his (private) Instagram, he lists his hometowns, and calls himself a Crossfit junkie, a fact backed up by plenty of shirtless pics on his Facebook. But the cutest thing on that social media platform? All the pics of himself with his parents in studio shots. You should check them out, and then tell us the truth: He’s gonna win, right?

Source: Reality Steve

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