With how much bragging Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban do about their daughters, Sunday and Faith, it’s easy to forget Nicole became a mom for the first time a long time ago with ex-husband, Tom Cruise. But Nicole hasn’t forgotten — in fact, she’s pretty proud of her oldest two children.

In Australia’s The Weekly magazine, the mom of four opened up about kids Connor and Isabella Cruise, and how she’d be willing to trade it all just to have them and Keith in her life.

“They are generous, kind, and hardworking,” Nicole says of 21-year-old Isabella and 19-year-old Connor. “And these are traits that I love to see in my children.”

Family is important to Nicole, who said earlier this year that her marriage with Keith is the way she found the “great love” of her life. She’s found so much happiness with the much younger Sunday (who’s five) and Faith (who’s three), but we’re glad to see she’s still on good terms with Connor and Isabella, too.

“If it were the choice between my family and Keith, and my career, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid,” Nicole says. “The most important things to me are the love of our relationship and our children. At this stage of my life, and with time being so precious, the joy I get from us as a family outweighs any joy in any other area of my life, by far.”

Cutest family ever? Yes, we think so.

Source: The Weekly