The end of Episode 4 of The Bachelorette was hard to watch knowing that recently deceased contestant Eric Hill was about to leave our small screens for the last time. It was even harder to watch given the tsunami of emotion that preceded his exit from the show. Just before the Rose Ceremony, Eric pulled Andi Dorfman aside for a frank conversation that got heated fast. Twitter weighed in on the argument, with most commenters winding up in Eric’s court. Here’s what went down, for those who missed it.  

Eric said he felt Andi was giving him and all the men a poker face and equated her performance on the show to that of an actress. Andi defended herself, saying how exhausting her role is and insisting she wasn’t acting and was giving the men her all. Then, she sent Eric packing.

Bachelor Nation reacted, with most saying she overreacted. What’s interesting is that, right before this convo went down, Ashley Hebert (Rosenbaum) tweetedI feel like you can really tell who Andi likes... She either looks through them or at them. Anyone else agree???” Apparently Ashley thinks Andi has the opposite of a poker face.

Here, for the brave, are the tweets about Eric Hill’s exit.

But at least someone was on Andi’s side. Andi’s BFF Nikki Ferrell tweeted this:

What did you think of Andi and Eric’s fight? Was Andi over the top, or did she react just right?

Source: Twitter