Episode 7 of Andi Dorfman’s Bachelorette was full of pun-worthy moments (Mussels in Brussels), scarves (like the whole wardrobe budget was spent on men’s neck wear), and Nick Viall. Who hates him, who loves him (pretty sure that’s just Andi), and what’s he gonna do next?

Bachelor Nation chimed in on Twitter as usual, and the main takeaways from the night were kind of all over the place: lose the ponytail Dylan Petitt, Andi’s got duck mouth, Josh Murray can’t emote about anything but sports, and Nick is royally pissing viewers off.

It was a truly all over the place episode, and the Twitter reaction was just as erratic — though a lot of the comments did center around Nick (he was like half the episode). Here, for your enjoyment, is the roller coaster of tweets from the evening’s episode:

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Source: Twitter