As Andi Dorfman and her four remaining men end their Euro Trip and head stateside for Bachelorette Episode 8’s Hometown Dates, turtlenecks and scarves everywhere breathe a sigh of relief — we know it’s Europe guys, but give the neckwear a break! So far the season has been one big lovefest for Andi, with every remaining guy dropping feelings bombs on her, but can the love continue when families get in the mix?

Judging by the promo, the July 7 ep will be the least makeout-heavy we’ve seen so far and the most focused on #realtalk. It’s also the episode in which Andi and her final four learn of the tragic death of Eric Hill, which, according to Chris Harrison, leads to some raw emotions surfacing. ABC has released their synopsis of the upcoming episode, and we’ve got your scoop on the rough seas ahead.

Hometown #1 - In Which Andi Meets EVERYONE Nick's Related To

The Hometown hot messiness kicks off in Milwaukee with a visit to Nick Viall’s turf. Andi and McSalty tour a brewery (Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!) and then “enjoy” some polka dancing. Call back to Nick’s polka dot tie at the premiere, anyone? Then the duo meet Nick’s small country family, which includes his parents and ten siblings — plus some other unnamed relatives — bringing the total number of people whose names Andi doesn’t remember up to 17. How does it go? Nick’s 9-year-old sister grills the Atlantan, so, yeah, #awesome.

Hometown #2 - I Can Drive a Tractor in Heels, Right?

Next stop on the ‘Murica tour is Arlington, Iowa, population less than your high school graduating class. This is the home of farmer Chris Soules, who takes the Dorf on a tractor ride and treats her to a picnic in a cornfield. Quite a contrast to the castles she’s become accustomed to. Chris surprises Andi with something “wonderful” that “confirms his feelings for her” — an Andi-shaped crop circle, perhaps? — and they play hide and seek with his family. Um, OK. But the question on the table is what the heck will Andi do with all her designer duds on Green Acres?   

Hometown #3 - Field of Forgotten Dreams

Josh Murray is next up to bat (sports puns are the best!), and Andi meets him in Tampa, Florida, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Andi’s home in Atlanta. They play baseball at his childhood field of dreams and they talk his frustration about never going pro. Now he’s committed himself to fostering his younger bro’s burgeoning NFL career. That’s when Andi gets all “what about me?” wondering if the baller will have time for a relationship given his devotion to his fam bam. Apparently, Josh’s family only increases her anxiety, as all they talk about during her time to shine is his lil bro. We can practically feel Andi pouting from here.

Hometown #4 - Too. Many. Feelsies.

In Texas — which, can you believe how hot they grow the men there? — Andi meets up with Marcus Grodd for her final family visit. He too has a “special surprise” for her, and his family welcomes her with open arms, which makes Andi worry she won’t be able to reciprocate his emotions for her. Dun, dun, dun.   

The Bachelorette then heads back to L.A. ready to narrow the field by one more. That’s when Harrison assembles the cast and delivers the news of Eric Hill’s paragliding accident and resulting death. The revelation puts a dark cloud over the rest of the episode, and leads into an emotional Rose Ceremony.

One man leaves without a rose (click here to find out who), and Andi and her remaining three head to the Dominican Republic for Fantasy Suite Dates.

Looks like another roller coaster of an episode — which we’ve come to expect from this season — filled with families, farmland, and one more farewell. Sigh.

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Source: ABC