Jeweler Neil Lane should just go ahead and move into the Bachelor Mansion, get his footed PJs on, uncork a bottle of red, and hand out tissues to contestants whose time has come to an end. The man and his sparklers have been a mainstay of The Bachelor/ette Final Rose proposal ceremony forevah now — coaching soon-to-be question poppers on how to pick out a ring and not faint while doing it — and we think of him as practically part of the cast. Translation: His jewelry is getting mad exposure.  

As we gear up for the finale of Andi Dorfman’s Season 10, we’re looking forward to seeing Neil’s grandfatherly face yet again. And that got us wondering, does all that valuable name/face recognition mean the gem guru is giving away his goods for free in exchange for seasonal advertising? Or does the Bachelor — or the final man standing, in the case of The Bachelorette — have to pony up cash for carats? In the words of Cher Horowitz, as if.

It’s unclear if ABC buys the diamonds or if Neil donates them for the cause, but the men on the show are not the ones dipping into their own wallets. Seriously, the bling handed out during the Final Rose averages in the $60K range (with Emily Maynard’s love token from Jef Holm reportedly weighing in at $150K), so if the guys have that much cash to spend on a gal they’ve known for two months then sign us up for the show — stat!

Whether Neil gives the rings away for free or ABC pays the sticker price, how is it worth either party’s balance sheet? As reported by Bustle, according to Season 4 Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak, who got on bended knee for DeAnna Pappas, couples who break up have to give the band back. “In the contract, it says if you are not together for two years after the final day of the show airing, you have to give them the ring back.”

So, given the track record of the show’s couplings, odds are in Neil’s and ABC’s favors that the sparklers are loaners.

Here’s hoping that whoever asks for Andi’s hand during the July 28 finale never has to pay postage to return the rock to Neil or ABC.

Do you think the men should have to pay for their own rings? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Bustle