It’s hard to believe that Season 4’s Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas has been married to hubby Stephen Stagliano for almost two years (in October) and that their first child together, daughter Addison, is already six months old! But what’s harder to believe is how gorgeous the new mom looks in a makeup-free selfie she shared on her Instagram.

In the photo D.Papps looks radiant and happy, and baby Addy (we can call her that, right?) is an adorable spitting image of her father. The hot mama captioned the photo “Heart so full,” and the truth of that statement is written all over D’s face. Her absolutely fresh and beautiful looking face, sans makeup. You go girl!

This isn’t the first time DeAnna has posted a makeup-free selfie of herself with her darling little one. Just last month she shared this pic with us, showing the sweet Addy being a tricky sleeper. The caption reads, “She sleeps with her eyes open...just like I did when I was little.” Huh. Looks like sweet baby looks like daddy, but snoozes like mommy.

However they catch Z’s, the ladies are gorg. And in a beauty-obsessed culture, we’re so glad DeAnna wasn’t afraid to let her natural beauty shine through. Thanks for sharing the photos, D!

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