Hard to believe it, but we’re down to the home stretch of Andi Dorfman’s quest for cupid’s arrow, and the Bachelorette has narrowed her choices down to two hotties who are both totally smitten with her. She can’t go wrong with either choice — Josh Murray or Nick Viall — but we’re not entirely sure how she’s going to pick a favorite between her makeout partners. Maybe Andi’s now infamous dad, Hy, will have some sway in the decision?

We have one more week to wait to find out the fate of Andi’s final two, and while we’re twiddling our thumbs we may as well stare at some photos of the Hotlantan’s dashing duo.

1. Josh Murray

No one can really say they’re surprised Josh ended up in the winner’s circle. When he first stepped out of the limo Andi’s exact words were something like, “uhhhhhhhhhh, drool, hot, me likey, sigh.” Ever since they first fell in lust with each other, the two have been hard to separate at the mouth. Andi and Josh have made out all over Europe, all over Tampa, and now they’re making out all over the Dominican Republic. They’re the Energizer bunny of kissing couples.

Andi totally loved Josh’s family, of which she looked like a long-lost half sister, and they completely adored her. Andi and the 29-year-old giggle like school girls when they’re together, and when Josh finally told Andi he loved her, the former district attorney couldn’t keep the smile off her face. J.Murrs is gonna be hard for Nick to beat — no matter how much of a frontrunner Nick believes himself to be.

2. Nick Viall

Nick got the First Impression Rose, which confused pretty much everyone including Andi — who at the time admitted Nick totally wasn’t her type. Nevertheless, the pretty pair have enjoyed each other’s company across three continents and are still going strong since they spent the night together during Fantasy Suite dates.

Nick’s big, intimidating family didn’t seem to intimidate the Dorf one bit, and they seemed to be smitten with her. Andi told Nick’s little sis that she and Nick have a very strong mental connection, and we know they have a strong physical one as well — girl likes to make out!

Nick has already admitted his love for our gal, which got Andi grinning ear to ear, and his chemistry with Andi parallels that of Josh’s. Andi has said all along she loves how aggressive Nick is in trying to win her, so it’ll be interesting to see if his power plays win out in the end.

What do you think of Andi’s final two — are these the guys you expected to be last men standing, or should someone else have gotten their roses? Tell us in the comments.