Yikes. It’s been two months since Andi Dorfman told Nick Viall not to let the door hit him on the way out of the Dominican Republic, and he’s got a lot of anger toward her, as he showed on the July 28 “After the Final Rose” special. Things started off as we expected, with Nick delivering a thoughtful, possibly prepared, even-keeled speech about whether or not she read the letter and his feelings.

“I think the hard part is… not having it reciprocated,” Andi continued. But Nick disagreed, saying “feeling like you did.” Chris Harrison asked Andi if she loved Nick, and she repeated that it was a great relationship, but she was very careful not to ever say she was in love with him.

“I probably should have said it months ago… but at the end of the day, that is the truth,” the engaged lady said, mostly to Chris Harrison, since the two barely looked each other throughout the whole time they sat on the couch. “The hardest part… for me… is knowing that I loved you… why did you make love with me…?” Nick asked, in the longest question ever.

Andi was taken aback completely, saying, “First of all, that’s below the belt. That’s supposed to be private.” Then she continued on to repeat that the feelings she had, the kisses they shared, were real. But still, Nick said Andi was being “cavalier” doing the “fiance stuff” they did in the Fantasy Suites.

Showing her ADA training, Andi laid it all out to Nick, saying it was her respect for him that made her keep him from picking out a ring, thinking all day he was going to get engaged, and proposing. If you were waiting for there to be a moment of resolution for the smited Nick, well, you’re probably still waiting. Just moments after Andi shut down Nick’s bummer feelings, Chris Harrison called it a day on their interaction, dismissing the former frontrunner with just a few words.

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Credit: NDN Photo: Bachelorette Runner-Up Drops a Bombshell (VIDEO)