Now that the grumpy cat is out of the bag and Josh Murray has been announced as the winner of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s heart space, the duo have been pretty happy to share photos of their happiness on social media — which, of course, makes us happy. Everyone’s soooo happy!

The latest photo bomb from MurrDorf pokes fun at Andi’s famous frown — the downward facing lip pout that got her compared to Internet sensation Grumpy Cat. In the cute pic, Josh, Andi, and Josh’s BFF pooch Sabel cuddle together on the couch while offering up their best unhappy faces. Andi posted the family pic on Twitter with the caption, “The family that frowns together stays together.”

It’s good to see Andi has a sense of humor about her unfortunate go-to facial expression, which got plenty of time in the spotlight during her stint on Season 10. And it’s cute to see Josh apparently already has an affinity for girls with grumpy faces — check out Sabel’s adorable mug! Between looking like Josh’s long lost sister and having a face to match Sabel’s, this is just one more way Andi is fitting seamlessly into Josh’s world.

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Source: Andi on Twitter