Some people have their happy place, we have our Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray throwback Thursday photos. The darling duo, who have only been together just over two weeks publicly, have been all over our radar (aka Instagram and Twitter) lately with their adorableness. Their latest social media offering is a photo Andi posted of them on their first 1-on-1 date in Marseilles, back before they were MurrDorf and were just J.Murrs and the Dorf.

In the pic, they have a level of comfy cuddling we never saw her reach with the other guys. The two are snuggled in a blanket on what looks to be a very cold and windy beach. She captioned the photo, “#tbt first date with @jmurbulldog (well solo date at least) in Marseille.” Their smiles are practically jumping off their faces!

Andi posted the photo amidst rumors that the couple is already facing their first relationship hurdles in the form of Josh’s jealousy and bad temper. Despite rumors, the couple keeps being cute all over the Internet and we’re pulling for them, if only so we can continue gazing adoringly at their #tbt photos. After all, it’s like we were practically there when the magic started.

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Source: Andi on Twitter