It’s been just three weeks since we watched Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray get engaged on The Bachelorette season finale, but the duo are already reaching some pretty major relationship milestones: They celebrated Josh’s birthday, they’re planning their wedding, and now they’re… sharing hobbies. Awww, the couple that plays together stays together! (We hope.)

Andi shared a couple of photos of the duo hitting the golf course recently, and then tweeted “First time golfing with the fiancée... No clubs thrown, very few curse words.” We’re not saying being golf buddies means they’re going to stay together forever and ever, but being able to navigate the sand pit together while still smiling has to be a good sign, right?

They even had a little friendly rivalry on the course, with Andi sporting a Louisiana State University Tigers golf club cover and Josh with a University of Georgia Bulldog cover. Andi commented on the opposing covers, tweeting “House divided! Even in golf.”

Golf is a sport that’s near and dear to both their hearts. In her bio for The Bachelorette, Andi listed her two favorite sports as tennis and golf. In his bio, Josh said that if he could have any job in the world, he’d want to be a professional golfer. Is there any wonder these two ended up together?

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Source: Andi on Twitter