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Um, we challenge you to come up with five reasons Tierra LiCausi shouldn't be the next Bachelorette. She is a perfect human specimen. Like, we're pretty sure her eyebrows have magical powers, that's how amazing she is.

Unfortunately, Tierra was booted out of Sean Lowe's love nest after she flopped around on her cot and had a minor nervy b, but fear not. There's always a chance that this gal will come back with a vengeance on The Bachelor's sister-show! We'd give anything to have more Tierra in our lives, so check out five reasons we think she should be crowned ABC's next Bachelorette!

1. She Has An Open Heart Tattoo
Tierra might be slightly insane in the membrane, but she's 100 percent sincere about finding love. Homeskillet has an open heart tattooed on her hand, and she just wants someone to close it, sob! Someone other than Jane Seymour.

Credit: ABC via WENN

2. She's A Guys’ Gal
Tierra loves telling people how much men love her, so she'll be a perfect fit for The Bachelorette. Girlfriend will pretty much be drowning in a sea of hotties. Basically, she has a run of the meat case at her own personal butcher shop — and she'll get paid for it.

3. She Loves Drama
We watch The Bachelorette for the eye candy, the romance, and — most importantly — the drama. We have no doubt that Tierra and her eyebrows will bring it. But not gonna lie, we're slightly terrified for the poor innocent souls who try to make Tierra their bride.

Credit: ABC via WENN

4. Her Dates Will Be Amazing
While Sean Lowe made his ladies-in-waiting climb rocks, rappel down mountains and wade in frozen lakes, we have a feeling Tierra's dates will be slightly more cuddly. We're thinking trips to puppy shops, visits to the American Girl doll store, mani-pedi sessions, and maybe a staycation at a Yorkshire Terrier farm.
5. She Will Probably Be Hospitalized
We don't want anything bad to happen to our lovely dew drop, but there's nothing more exciting than the possibility of watching Tierra in a hospital gown as various hunks massage her lower butt, Sean Lowe-style. Let's just say that if someone doesn't end up in the ER during Tierra's season, we'll be penning a letter of complaint to ABC. That's all.


Bonus: Her Sparkle. It would finally shine. 

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