It's official: Ali Fedotowsky is our favorite Bachelorette of all time. Actually, scratch that –– she's our favorite person of all time. Why? Please feast your eyes on this picture of Ali feasting her mouth on the biggest sandwich ever. We want to go to there.

Not only is Ali knocking down stereotypes that Hollywood super-starlets don't eat, she's making us really hungry while doing so. Girlfriend means serious business –– and speaking of business, Ali is eating this heavenly mixture of meat and carbs thanks to her hosting gig with NBC's 1st Look.

This sandwich eat-a-thon is part of a Food Challenge for 1st Look, and Ali had to binge her way through EIGHT POUNDS of deli meat. Um, welcome to every day of our lives. "Mid food challenge 2lbs down... 6lbs to go," Ali posted to Instagram along with this terrifyingly beautiful photo.

Also, shout out to Ali's competitor, otherwise known as "The Traumatized Man In A Holiday Sweater." We've never seen someone holding a sandwich so big look so sad.

Source: Ali's Instagram