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Dude, you guys. Watching Sean Lowe and AshLee Frazier get into it on The Bachelor Season 17 “Women Tell All” special was... what’s the hyperbole version of awkward? Because it was that. During the episode, AshLee called Sean out saying that she felt “dishonored” by the way he treated her in the Fantasy Suites. Further, she claimed that Sean told her that he “had no feelings” for the other two girls. Yep, it all happened and if you missed it, shame on you! (Or, you know, go watch it.)

But something about the interaction sat even less right with former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky than it did with us. “AshLee seriously called Sean out last night. I know he's a born again virgin, but her behavior really makes me wonder if they got physical together in the fantasy suite. She said she felt ‘dishonored’ by him,” Ali ponders in her E! Bachelor blog.

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Wow. That’s some serious interpretation, but considering Ali has been in Sean’s shoes and knows about the many nuances that come with a night in a Bachelor fantasy suite, we’re inclined to trust her instincts. “I was shocked when she said that Sean said (did you follow that? Ha!) he didn't have feelings for the other women, maybe that is what she meant by being dishonored. That was intense. I don't know who we should believe.” Funny, we’re having the same problem with picking sides.

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Ali adds, “I think Sean is a good guy, and I think he must have said something to AshLee about the other girls and probably wasn't thinking when he said it.” Who knows what he said? They were the only two present. But Ali argues, “I just don't think AshLee would have reason to call Sean out if he didn't say anything about not liking the other girls, especially when she thought the cameras weren't rolling. Why would she continue to push Sean and say he said he didn't like the other girls when she thought it wasn't being aired? I like Sean. I like AshLee. But something strange is going on here.” 

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True that, Ali. The contestants’ mics were kept on during the breaks and some of the footage was shared — including AshLee’s continued insistence that he did say something. She eventually dropped it... sort of, but not before she told Sean he was completely wrong. And she’s not the only one who thinks that Sean pulled a fast one — Selma also believes AshLee’s side of the story. Who do you believe?

Source: Ali’s E! Bachelor Blog