Credit: Instagram

Congrats on the sweet gig, Ali!
Source: Ali Fedotowsky’s Twitter, Ken Baker’s Twitter


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Credit: Instagram Photo: Ali Fedotowsky at E News

Our Ali Fedotowsky is moving on up in the world! E! News called her in to fill in for their regular anchor, Giuliana Rancic, last night.

Ali is no stranger to TV, of course. She’s currently the host of 1st Look on NBC’s local franchise stations. However, E! News definitely has a wider viewership, so it would be understandable if she was nervous. However, we think Ali hit it out of the park, and it sounds like we’re not the only ones. E! News correspondent Ken Baker tweeted, “@AliFedotowsky truly great job yesterday.” Damn skippy!

Ali’s guest hosting gig also gave her the opportunity to pose for a photo with Victoria Secret model (and Orlando Bloom’s wife/baby mama) Miranda Kerr, who was a guest on the show.