We knew Ali Fedotowsky missed Facebook, but it looks like that’s not all she’s missing.

Credit: Oliver S Wolf / Splash News Photo: Ali Fedotowsky Leaves Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge in West Hollywood on February 8, 2012

Life & Style Magazine reports that Ali lost out on “millions in stock her Facebook co-workers gained when the social-media company went public.”

So does the sunny Season 6 Bachelorette regret the decision she made to leave her job as an ad manager for Facebook in order to pursue love? Absolutely not!

“I don’t regret one decision,” she tells L&S. “This must be such an exciting time for everyone at Facebook!” she continues. "I am super happy for all my former co-workers."

With her new man and that perma-positive disposition, the world is her oyster!

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Source: Life & Style Magazine