When we first met Ali Fedotowsky back in January 2010, the then-25 year old was bright and bubbly with an innocent glow. Having just quit her job at Facebook in order to compete for Jake Pavelka’s heart, Ali lept head-first and wide-eyed into her journey to find love.

Now, two years (and one major heartbreak) later, Ali’s truly come into her own — and it definitely shows!

As the new host of NBC’s late-night travel show 1st Look, Ali will win the hearts of America once again as she tours the country in search of the best food, nightlife, and hotels.

And to go along with her hot new job, Ali’s rocking a majorly hot bod! The star’s ditched bad eating habits — and reportedly about 15 pounds — in favor of healthy meals, hot yoga, and some enviably toned abs!

As for love, Ali’s taking things slow and letting it come to her. Though she claims she’s still technically single, the star remains linked to her new long-distance beau, Charlie Ritchie.

With an incredible career, a drool-worthy physique, and a romance on the rise, it seems like Ali’s got it all. What a difference two years make!


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