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When it comes to insight about eating giant sandwiches or being perfectly adorable, Ali Fedotowsky is your girl. But did you know she can also see through giant boobs and behind terrifying eyebrows? Cuz she can. In her Bachelor blog for Season 17, Episode 4, Ali isn’t afraid to tout some truly strong opinions about the baddest b*tches on The Bachelor.

So far, we know that Selma Alameri is a hot, religious Persian Muslim with giant... fears of the outdoors and a love scent that seeps from every guys’ TV screen. But just because she has half of the Bachelor Nation men on their knees (we see you, Arie), doesn’t mean she has Ali wrapped around her 110-pound fingers (that would be a terrifying hand).

I just don't understand how she thought she could go on this show and get engaged without kissing Sean? Yes, she could get some time alone in the fantasy suite later in the show, but still — that's unrealistic. I understand that her culture is strict (and I completely respect ALL cultures), but if she follows the strict rules of her culture, I would think she wouldn't be allowed to go on the show,” Ali points out.

But, as for whether or not the pair could get past their cultural differences and find a love connection, Ali’s not sure that’s even on her mind. “I just don't think she is super into Sean. Or she is playing games and wants him to want her more. It's sad because I think Sean really likes her.” Yeah, Ali, because she’s hot and he’s a dude. Even sweet, Texan Christians have eyes. 

Credit: ABC via WENN

While we’re not sure what Selma’s motives are, Tierra LiCausi’s seem a little more obvious. “Look, I get what she is feeling. It is really hard to go through the show and see the guy you like date all these other girls. People always say that when you go on The Bachelor you ‘sign up for this,’ and in a way you do. But there is absolutely no way anyone can prepare themselves for what it will feel like emotionally,” Ali says of Tierra’s tierrable interruption of Sean’s alone time with Lindsay Yenter.

So, is she on Team Tierra? Not exactly.“ My only problem with the situation was the look on Tierra's face when Sean excused himself to get the rose. She knew what she just did... once he walked away, she knew that she had convinced him to give her the rose.” T$ is a sneaky broad, that’s for sure. So, what about the other girls’ opinions? Do those factor into Ali’s character analysis of Tierra?

Right now, I just think she might like a little bit of attention and is struggling with the process. That doesn't make her a bad person in my mind. That said, most of the other girls don't seem to like her and I think that is very telling,” Ali confirms. “Don’t seem to like her”? That’s probably the understatement of the year. We’re still waiting for the deleted scene where Lindsay makes a Tierra-shaped voodoo doll...

Source: Ali’s E! Bachelor Blog