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Ali Fedotowsky is a guru of sorts. A sensei of all we hope to learn about the cutthroat amazing race that seeks to make American idols of all the girls who ignore their fear factor and compete on The Bachelor. Although it’s been a few years since Ali shacked up in the house of horrors and fought to unlock the chains of love, she still knows what’s up.

In her Bachelor blog this week, Ali answers one of our burning questions: how much do the producers influence who goes home and who stays — particularly on the 2-on-1 dates, in which one person gets a rose and the other peaces out. How does the Bachelor/ette choose two people knowing one will go home? And what makes one person stand out over the other on the date?

During Ali’s season, she went on a two-on-one date with Kasey Kahl and Justin "Rated-R" Rego, and it was awkward. “Sean knew who he was sending home on the two-on-one date before it even started,” Ali says of Sean’s date with Jackie Parr and Tierra LiCausi on Season 17 Episode 5.  “Let's face it, you either know who you are sending home before the date or you bring two people you're not into at all so you don't care who goes home. Think about it: Why would you ever bring two people that you really like, knowing you have to send one of them home? Makes no sense.”

Credit: ABC via WENN

And the plot thickens. So what, then? Did the producers ask him to take Tierra for the drama? Was he really not into Jackie at all? “My guess is that the producers asked Sean to bring both girls on this date,” Ali guesses. “I'm not so sure he cared who went home. At least that's how it worked on the two-on-one date on my season. I knew neither [Kasey nor Justin] was right for me, so I asked the producers to pick. Justin was the one chosen to stay.”

Scandalous! So, why would producers make that choice? In her case, for added drama. “I didn't know at the time, but I think it's because he had a girlfriend at home and the producers knew that was going to play out in the next episode.” Like maybe a little hypothermia incident? We’ve seen the previews and it doesn’t look like Tierra’s stint is going to get any calmer.

“Let me be clear that producers don't always choose, but when it didn't matter either way to me, I was happy to let them decide.” Only time will tell whether Sean’s choice to keep Tierra was because he likes her, or if it was because producers do.

Source: Ali’s E! Bachelor Blog