Credit: via Ali Fedotowsky's Twitter Photo: Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez Visit Facebook Office in Los Angeles

The Social Network is dominating the awards circuit, but Season 6 Bachelorette and former Facebook employee Ali Fedotowsky is not clicking the film's "like" button. 

"I know [Facebook founder] Mark Zuckerberg on a personal level and I have to say the movie was very inaccurate," AM New York quotes Ali as saying when she visited the Altoids booth at the the pre-Golden Globes "Stuff You Must..." Lounge. (Ali has been defending her billionaire buddy for a few months now.) So instead of rooting for The Social Network, she's rooting for Inception as the best picture of the year.

Another cute detail — Ali and Roberto hit the Lounge holding hands, and she was even wearing a little "R" pendant on her silver necklace. Facebook needs a "love" button!

Source: AM New York