Who needs The Bachelor when you have ESPN? Not Roberto Martinez! But who needs ESPN when it has Roberto? We do!

The Bachelorette Season 6's Hottie Dimples was on early lists to be the next Bachelor, but obviously that gig is now occupied by Season 8 genetic gift Sean Lowe. Still, we may be able to see Roberto on TV a lot more often — if we ask/tweet/beg SportsCenter very nicely!

Roberto is a former baseball player and he’s also coached kids in San Diego, where he lives now. Yesterday, Roberto tweeted a shot of himself on TV, talking about sports: “Action shot from a taping I did w/ @ESPN and @StanVerrett. Quick Poll: Would u watch @SportsCenter if I was on?”

Not to be rude, but duh. Of course! Sports are suddenly very interesting! 

Roberto is an athletic guy in general — which may be one reason why he’s bonded with certain cast members from Survivor (especially one named Chelsea). Roberto and friends recently took part in the Reality Rescue Festival in Virginia. On his Facebook page, Roberto also posted that he'll be playing quarterback (for a good cause) at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego this Saturday, October 20. And we know he'll be working up a sweat in the San Diego Triathlon Challenge on Sunday, along with fellow Bachelor Nation buddies Kiptyn Locke, Tenley Molzahn and Andy Baldwin.

So his sports credentials are good and we know he looks great on TV. It sounds like a win-win, ESPN, just tell us when to tune in and we’re there!

Sources: @Roberto_M_JrFacebook