Credit: Twitter

Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski are quickly becoming the cutest couple on Bachelor Pad (especially now that The Stag and his acoustic guitar have gone back from whence they came), and we're dying to know if they're still together.

Now, don't forget that Ed hasn't exactly been enthusiastic about defining his relationship with Jaclyn — at least not yet. In fact, Ed's casual pickle-dipping attitude caused poor Jaclyn to collapse into a puddle of tears. The bad news? Jaclyn and Ed have a few drama-filled episodes ahead of them (that's right, Ed has a piece on the side back at home). The good news? They're still kinda, maybe, sorta seeing each other! In fact, they were spotted together in Philadelphia on August 27, 2012 (photo above).

A source tells us that Jaclyn and Ed are "happy being best friends — and whatever else happens is icing on the cake," which is all kinds of coy. However, romance can blossom in any close friendship, and these two have already crossed into "friends with bennies" territory once before.

Also, icing is the only part of a cake we have any interest in eating, so this news couldn't be more thrilling!