Credit: @ArieJr

We'd give, like, a million slices of cheese pizza to go on a date with Arie Luyendyk, Jr.. If only he'd auction himself off for charity so we could have the chance! Oh, wait. Been there, done that!

This Bachelorette Season 8 runner-up and lover of leather onesies took part in the Sub For Santa Date Auction in Salt Lake City, Utah, on December 8th, and he was joined by Jef Holm!

"@JefHolm may have won Emily’s heart," Arie posted on Sulia. "but ..tonight I am bringing my A game for #Sub4Santa, why will I raise more? 1. As seen in this serious self portrait in the hotel bathroom, I am wearing my favorite suit…. #TailoredToSeeTheGoods 2. Facial hair… Older women love this.. Older women have money #Manly And finally 3. I will lay a kiss on someone if it means victory… It’s for the kids! #ItCouldWorkThisTime.”

Arie was auctioned for $2,300, so whoever won his date better pucker up. This dudes lips mean business. Just look at that selfie, guys. Just look.

Source: Twitter