Credit: ABC via WENN

Sean Lowe's personal Kissing Tutor, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., has been tuning in for each and every episode of The Bachelor, and he has some major concerns. Mostly about Tierra LiCausi and her tragically cold body. As you might have guessed, Arie has no love for Tierra and is convinced that she was faking hypothermia.

"After everyone jumped into the water and came out all smiles, Tierra started running around, looking for attention (cough), I mean a paramedic," Arie writes on his blog. "Tierra was then put on oxygen for what seemed to be a missed diagnosis of hypothermia. Then, 15 minutes later, she strapped some boots on and crashed the cocktail party. This girl is full throttle crazy, and there is no stopping her."

Credit: ABC via WENN

Way harsh, Arie. We saw Tierra's toes, and they were a shadow of their former selves, but guess what? There's one cast member on The Bachelor who Arie is hating on even harder than Tierra, and that would be Sean's sweater. "Desiree’s date went well, but I couldn’t concentrate because of Sean’s ugly Christmas sweater," Arie writes. "I mean, I know this is Canada, but this just was not acceptable. We may forgive Sean for keeping Tierra, but we will never forgive him for wearing that sweater. Sorry, bud."

Speaking of misused articles of clothing, let's chat about AshLee's blindfold. "During the party, AshLee also gave Sean a scarf that apparently represented 20 or so things really important to her (Sean, don’t ever lose that scarf)," Arie writes. "And Lindsay and Sean shared a really good kiss — the best one yet. Maybe he is finally learning?"

Considering that Sean has rammed his tongue down 26 different lady-throats, we'd go ahead and say he's beaten Arie at his own game.