Credit: ABC via WENN

Lindsay Yenter was 100 percent convinced that Sean Lowe would get down on one knee and pop the question during The Bachelor's Season 17 finale, but instead girlfriend was brutally rejected at the floating dock where Sean proposed to Catherine Giudici just moments later. No one can know what poor Lindsay was going through during the moment Sean broke her heart –– no one except s’Hertogenboschian man beauty, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., that is.

Arie hit up his Bachelor blog to chat about what it was like to be dumped on national television, and the upshot? It's a huge bummer. "In that moment, your heart feels like it has tied itself into a knot," Arie muses. "The breath leaves your lungs and all of a sudden the life you pictured vanishes and you're left with a huge amount of emptiness that is so hard to explain."

Credit: ABC via WENN

Um, way to make us cry, Arie. "I've been there, but standing up on the alter makes it that much more intense," he continues as we heavy-breathe into some kleenex. "Sean was more crushed to let Lindsay go than when Emily broke up with him. I could see that was extremely hard for him, but, sadly, that doesn't make it any easier. Hold your head up high, Lindsay. Life will have a way of rewarding you for being so open and loving. This is rare and don't let this change the woman you are."

SOB, Arie is such an inspiration! If that whole "racing around in jumpsuits" thing doesn't work out, he totally has a future touring the USofA as an inspirational speaker for Women's Empowerment.