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They don’t call him “the man with the hands” for nothing. Indy racecar driver Arie Luyendyk, Jr. earned a reputation for the passionate, affectionate and, yes, handsy kisses he shared with Bachelorette Emily Maynard. But how much of that was editing and how much of that was actually accurate? Arie opened up to North Valley Magazine about how he and Emily’s relationship appeared on screen.

Credit: ABC via WENN

As far as our time, I really feel like they edited it to be very physical. [...] They showed us kissing a lot. It did happen, but there was also a lot of great conversation they left out. When I was watching it afterwards, I was like, ‘Geez, I keep kissing her, why can’t they show the conversation?’

Credit: ABC via WENN

The reason he kept kissing her? According to Arie, he and Emily had instant chemistry. He says, “We had a connection at first sight it was undeniable.” But Arie didn’t exactly know what he was in for on The Bachelorette. He admits to never really having seen the show until he was already cast, and in his Charlotte hotel room ready to start filming! He remembers watching clips from past seasons and thinking, “Wow, so this is what I got myself into.”

Arie reveals that part of his (blissful?) ignorance about The Bachelorette contestant process was due his being cast only one week before filming began! Even in the whirlwind last-minute decision, he says he had few hesitations, “I’m a very spontaneous person, and when it feels right, I just go for it.”

We noticed, Arie — and figure it must have just felt right with Emily, a lot!

Source: North Valley Magazine

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