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Most couples go on a honeymoon after their wedding — Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are on a press junket! In preparation for the airing of their wedding special on Sunday, December 16, Team Cupcake appeared on The View today to discuss the challenges of falling in love and getting married on television.

As host Joy Behar points out in the video, only two Bachelorettes have made it to the altar with their chosen man. However, a Bachelor has yet to walk down the aisle with the woman who received his final rose. Ashley credits women’s intuition as a factor in her success, but J.P. doesn’t seem to think there’s any sort of formula. “We just happened to fall in love on a TV show,” the groom-to-be says.

Ashley, offers another theory about why so many Bachelor Nation couples have been unable to make it work after the show wraps: “I think that people feel like they want it to happen so bad and they don’t actually trust their emotions, they’re not 100% honest, maybe, about their emotions.  So I think that, if you stay true to yourself and true to your feelings and you are yourself — you’re acting like yourself — you get to know the other person a lot earlier.”

Credit: ABC Photo: Watch Ashley and J.P. on The View!

Could it also be the simple fact that J.P. and Ash are magical? Seriously, have you seen their wedding album yet? They look like such a fairy tale couple we half expected to see a herd of unicorns galloping in the background of every frame.

Source: The View


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