From all the Bachelor Nation tweets, it sounds like Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s wedding reception was a total blast. At least, it was, until ABC packed up their cameras — and their wallets.

According to a NY Daily News source, “There was an open bar until 8 p.m., then it switched to a cash bar.” The cut-off apparently came as an utterly unwelcome surprise to guests, many of whom weren’t carrying any money on them. As one might expect, the source also reports that the party wrapped up pretty quickly after the promise of unlimited booze was off the table.

Credit: ABC via WENN

There are about as many opinions on wedding etiquette as there are people in the world who’ve attended a wedding at some point in their lives. But I think we can probably reach a consensus on one thing. If you’re gonna shell out for a $70,000 dress and a $75,000 train, you best come correct with an open bar that goes to the break of dawn. Especially when the bulk of your guests are from the notoriously boozy Bachelor Nation!

Source: New York Daily News