Credit: Ashley Hebert's Twitter Photo: Ashley Hebert Is Shocked by Ben Flajnik's Bachelorettes' Behavior

Bachelorettes Trista Sutter and Ashley Hebert joined the rest of Bachelor Nation in being pretty disgusted with the “ladies” of Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3. That said, both Bachelorettes are pretty close when naming their three favorites at this point in Ben’s “journey.”

Ashley tweeted late Monday night, “Just got back from vaca...watched the bachelor and was horrified by what I saw. Will talk about it tomorrow on E! News. My list: 1. Kacie 2. Lindzi 3. Emily.” Trista tweeted, “My faves have to be the girls that had a modicum of class tonight...Jennifer, Kacie B, & Lindzi. :).”

Score two for Kacie Boguskie and Lindzi Cox, with Jennifer Fritsch and Emily O'Brien getting one vote each. Their fellow Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has her own blog for Ladies Home Journal coming tomorrow, but she tweeted that she didn’t see any real chemistry between Ben and Lindzi. So maybe fans like Lindzi but it isn’t quite there yet with Ben?

Source: Twitter