Credit: Winslow/Meinelt/Splash News Photo: Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum Hold Hands in New York City on August 24, 2011

Things are getting glamorous real fast for our favorite dancing dentist from Madanowhere, Maine. According to, Ashley Hebert  and her fiance JP Rosenbaum are going to designer Stacy Igel’s Boy Meets Girl fashion show on Sept. 11 at NYC’s Avenue — and the pint-sized Bachelorette will be hitting the catwalk!

“[T]hey’re really excited about it,” HL’s source says. “She’s even going to be the first model walking in the show and she’s so nervous! Stacy and Ashley’s publicists are friends and that’s how they got connected to do this!”

Sounds like a purrfact way to get to know her new city while honoring 9/11 in an “Americana” themed event. Looks like JP will have to put in more hours on foot rubbing duty to prepare her for the big day. Good luck, Ash!

Source: Hollywood Life

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