Credit: Rick Rowell, ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Ashley Hebert Chats with Ryan Park and the Guys in The Bachelorette Season 7 Premiere

Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert just visited Mario Lopez for an Extra interview at The Grove  in Los angeles — and you know what that means: She calls him AC Slater, he fake laughs it off, and the fans behind them stare in stalkerish fascination. Especially the little lady wearing a tiara. Love!

So to get back at her do his journalistic due diligence, Mario tries to trick Ashley into admitting that she does fall in love and have a happy ending. Not so fast, AC! Ash manages to spin her way out of the trap in true ABC-trained fashion. She doesn't say much about her new season, which kicked off this week, merely describing it as “a whirlwind” and “an emotional roller coaster.” How unoriginally vague!

Dishing on the bachelors, Ashley talks about cutie Ryan Park and why he earned the First Impression Rose: “I was looking for someone who was ambitious and kind, and has a positive energy and this great zest for life — and I saw that in him.”

It also didn’t hurt that she also thought Ryan P. was “smoking hot.” After repeating that fact (it is a fact!), Mario tells Ashley, “OK, settle down.” (Don’t be a hater, Mr. Slater!)

Of course, Ashley couldn’t leave without addressing the Bentley Williams trash-talking drama, which was “a huge surprise” to her. Then, in a SHOCKING twist... Ashley and Mario do a little booty dance together.

And we thought Little Miss Tiara was the only pleasantly random surprise.

Source: Extra

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