Credit: ABC

When Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum left The Bachelorette for the real world, the eventually settled down in Princeton, NJ. Aside from being a good halfway point between Ashley’s pediatric dentistry residency in Philadelphia and J.P.’s construction management job in NYC, moving to Princeton had an added side effect. It gave Ashley the jones for babies!

During Ashley and J.P.’s wedding special, Ashley described the quiet, idyllic life they have in the New Jersey college town. “Living in Princeton makes you want to have kids a lot sooner.” Baby fever may have played a part in these two crazy kids finally deciding to make that walk down the aisle after a nearly two-year engagement.

Whenever they do decide to have kids, J.P. is beyond excited to tell them how mommy and daddy met. “We have a real fairytale story to tell.” We’ll say! We’re fighting back happy tears as we type!