Credit: Photo: Ashley Hebert, Sister Chrystie Corns

Chrystie Corns now knows what it's been like for her sister Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette. One bad decision and America attacks!

"I made a big mistake," Chrystie tells People Magazine of almost immediately deciding JP Rosenbaum was a bad match for Ashley during the family’s finale visit in Fiji. "As I started watching the season, however, it's very clear to me that JP was the one. He was the best choice."

In regard to her “You’re not yourself around him” claim, Chrystie said she didn't take into consideration how tired Ashley was at that point in her eight-week journey — as compared to her usual bubbly, chipper self when Brad Womack came to visit the family in Madawaska, Maine, on The Bachelor Season 15.

Chrystie now calls JP her sister’s "knight in shining armor." She adds: "I'm totally apologetic, I feel like a jerk — I want to make it up to him but he won't let me forget it," Chrystie said with a laugh. "JP says if he has anything to do with it I'm going to have to fight for the right to be maid of honor."

Ooh, does that give Ashley Spivey the edge?

Source: People

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